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What I Offer

We all lead busy lives and it's easy not to prioritise a little exercise! But for your dog a lack of stimulation and a chance to stretch their legs is the difference between being happy and healthy or bored and destructive.


Gone4Walks is your solution.


All walks are an hour long and the routes are picked for maximum sights and smells through the countryside.


I pick up the dogs straight from your home and drop them back (worn out) to you at the end of the hour.


Solo walks can best meet their needs if your dog is more comfortable walking alone. Alternatively, group walks offer an ideal environment for socialisation with other dogs.

A bit about me

I love dogs. I have four of my own so I understand they are

our lives and we want the absolute best for them.


Two of my dogs are rescue dogs so I am experienced with more challenging dogs that need a little more TLC and tailored enrichment. They have come along so much in the time I have had them, it's hard to even believe they are the same dogs! So rewarding.


In fact I am a bit of an animal addict.. apart from the dogs, I currently share my life with cats, fish, reptiles, guinea pigs, rabbits...and in the past I have had the pleasure of caring for Horses, snakes, mice, and many many others.


Spending my days with dogs is one of the most rewarding jobs and I can't wait to walk yours.